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The Problem of God [Debate II]

on Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:10 am
Ohohoh~ here's the official comeback of debate about the existence of God. (Go read The problem of God! [philosophy] if you haven't.) So, here's the second epic intro. Mehe...

The success of science has once crushed religion down in the depth of the pit. Science says that we are all made of matter and controlled by physic laws. There no need of God to live. However, times comes to echo emptiness through people's mind. Why living? People from everywhere revive religious and secular organisation and try to redefine the meaning of human existence.

Here is the question:

Does the death of God impact our life in a bad way? Relate your position with the proof of its existence.

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Re: The Problem of God [Debate II]

on Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:09 am
The death of God cause great change to our physical life, but great damage to our mentality. First, we now believe that if we can create heaven on Earth if we work hard to understand the physical universe. However, it slows us down when it comes to questions like "why?" We have seen that after a while, people start wondering about the meaning of life. Since science can only provide with the answer "it has no meaning", there is this immigration of the idea of suicide.

The problem with the proof is back to what the medieval people said, "God is nothing greater can be conceived", or "God is beyond nature". Because according to Wilber, God is something spiritual, we cannot reduce it to physical matter, and thus we can't observe it scientifically.

Therefore, even if we feel that something is missing, we don't believe that it's God because we still cannot prove it.
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Re: The Problem of God [Debate II]

on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:42 pm
Of course! It's bad to forsake our belief of God. What is going on people?! Don't you feel like the damn bathtub plug has been lost? Don't say that you don't give a sh*t because there's no proof. I'm telling ya. Nobody can prove anything. Science, math, stuff, they are all about experience. Galileo, Newton, and companies write all their bullsh*t based on experience. Because observation is the most easiest experience you can make, its occurrence is universal and can be experienced by anyone, unless you're blind. But emotional experience can be different, depending on your mentality. If you feel pain when you get hurt, I might feel joy. So we experience different things and nobody can verify anything unless they experience it themselves. Similarly, if one experience God, they know that God must be something real. But it cannot be verified unless everyone experience God. However, transcendent experiences need a certain ability and motivation to preform. So, skew up if you can't meditate! But don't say meditation is not valid knowledge.
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Re: The Problem of God [Debate II]

on Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:42 pm
It's not necessarily bad. The death of God implies the death of the belief that God the creator of the world and everyone should obey and follow Him and whatever. These beliefs are not good for us because they slow our development down and obstruct scientific discoveries. Therefore, God's death allow us to live a better material life and to reconsider its real meaning.

Through many philosopher who have thought about the real meaning of God, we have found that God is not a being which is superior to all humans, but it is just an higher idea that humans have in their mind. So, the rid of the false definition of God is good for us to realize its definition.
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Re: The Problem of God [Debate II]

on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:17 pm
The death of God implies the abandon of the great nest of being, with implies the abandon of the epistemological pluralism. And this lost, make us human waist our eye of mind and contemplation. Although, we can say "who cares if we waist it?" The problem is, we cannot not noticing something that we can notice. Because we killed God, we lose the dimension of depth and our faculty to accept and understand the information being captured by our eye of mind and contemplation. However, we still can notice these informations. As in Leo Tolstoy's confession, Friedrich Nietzsche's allegory, and Paul Trilich's reflexion, we feel that something is lacking. This feeling is not experienced with the eye of flesh and it cannot be explained with the eye of flesh. Thus, the death of God is negative to our faculty of understanding.
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Re: The Problem of God [Debate II]

on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:29 pm
We cannot say that God's death is totally bad. Because, on the other side, during God's lifetime, people are mistaking religious knowledge with scientific knowledge. People mix these two together while these knowledges are come from different domain. Like in the idea that "God is so powerful that he can create a rock so heavy that he can't even lift". And adding the physic laws, "so if He tries to lift it, he might feel pain." People didn't know that knowledge in different domain are not compatible. Therefore, when religion was successful, people only think that religious knowledge is the absolute truth. But when science becomes successful, people only think that scientific knowledge is the absolute truth. However, the two types of knowledge are independent to each other. And it's only after the death of God that people start to realize this fact, (which might be refuted in the future).
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Re: The Problem of God [Debate II]

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