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Solitaire [250 words essay]

on Sat May 15, 2010 11:12 pm
When solitude, isolation and imagination combines together, it create a new form of passion and obsession. The illusion that the only true friend is yourself becomes reality. Fantasies about imaginary friends and family members are more frequent. Should we simply call it "psychological disorder"? No. It's just a lack of company.

People who reject other, who intimidate don't really know what are the possible consequences on the victim's life. The endless darkness of others laughs and gazes gradually swallows them, leaving them with no way out. The effect is quicker if they don't have support.

The lack of company can be solved with imagination. Virtual friends are then made, one by one, like clones that share the same interest and the same position. Virtual friends are loyal, manipulatable and recyclable. They are better than real friend. Thus, that's when isolation develops.

Solitaire isn't a psychological disorder. It is an natural art that could brings people to selfishness, egotism and narcissism. All it needs is to combine with imagination. Anyhow, like many notable artist, odd thoughts might just become the key of their success.

Solitaire people may act tough, but, somewhere inside them, they know that they need friend. It is possible that, once they are entirely use to rejection, the desire for the company of others will be completely erased. However, they still depends on their virtual friends.

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Re: Solitaire [250 words essay]

on Sun May 16, 2010 7:59 pm
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