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Awk-cal [Differential calculus]

on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:24 pm
From the quote: "When you can look at an equation or proof and fall into tears or burst out laughing with joy, that's when you know you know mathematics." -Calculus
It is during your second Differential Calculus lecture, a dizzy morning on which the first thing you told to yourself after getting off the bed is that you could have sleep earlier last night instead of finishing your five pages math assignment that is due next week. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 … Leonardo Fibonacci… bn = bn-1 + bn-2… And the limit of (bn+1)/bn when n tends towards infinity is equal to the golden ratio… Rabbit’s regeneration… It is while listening to the wavy packeted sound of your professor that it happens to occur oddness. H2O drops begin to slight down from your left cheek.

Wherefore? You ask to yourself. At the moment when you see his equation, you fall into tears. It is as if thou art Fibonnacci’s incarnation. But be rational. You know that everything existent in the Universe has reason and meaning and therefore is explainable. Hence, emotions are also… differentiable.

You take off your lens because the deflection of images is biased by the presence of water. Instantly, you notice that your notebook is greatly flooded. You try so hard to wipe away your tears, yet they keep coming back like continuous waterfalls with an exponential increase in flow. A spectacular oddness indeed, you are sure that your classmates sense you. You cannot prevent it; you are sitting in center-front of the class, under the sight of everyone at anytime. You are like the small ‘fly’ in the squeezed theorem. Thus no need to hide yourself anymore, express your feeling openly – and do expect to get an answer from your professor.

Oh! Child, I’ve never seen extra-math-sensitive students like you.

That answer didn’t satisfy your thirst for knowledge. If you grade it, it would be less or equal to 0. Regardless, you continue to wipe off your tears, try to reach the limit of your awk function when x tends toward the end of the flow. But unlike any other problems that you have worked on, this one seems just not mathematical. You know who much you suck in psychology, sociology, politics… – well, that’s why you decided to study in science, right?

The classroom is now crowded with whispers. You accept the generous offer of paper tissues from the kid behind you. You take two because you want to dry off your notebook. But two is not enough. Heavier, splashier and more voluminous drops hit the surface of your moist, blurred page. Your notebook emblazoned of equations is now too deformed to read, too queasy to digest.

Annoyed, you turn the waterfall into hurricane.

Ok, be real. Your stream of consciousness is just too abstract this morning. At least, complex numbers also has explanation. Although you describe yourself more as a rational number, your image varies day-by-day. Sometime you feel more like an integer, other time more like pi. As for the square root of negative one, you do rather not think about it. But unexpectedly today, you are i. If you go to the nearest restroom, you will sense the reflection of your imaginary ego in the mirror. If you look close enough you might see the number i revealing in your exhausted eyes. If call out yourself loud enough, you will hear the presence of i in your doubtful voice. If you observe carefully, this i is actually within everyone, everything. The world itself is a mixture of realism and complexity, a fusion of reality and imaginary.

Use your imagination. Search your answer in the complex plane. Stop crying and find the derivative of z. You might possibly make this for your science fair project. So focus on the problem, like how well you did last night in your Calculus assignment. Use your table to write since your notebook has already sunk. You can’t care more about manners or school rules. The eager that you feel makes you write without lifting your pencil. For thee to be continuous, you avoid forgets, short cuts and bugs. But don’t rush, you know only smooth curves are differentiable. You write on the table and you are the only one who writes on it in the last few years. You can still see the traces of the kid who left before you. r=a+bθ... Archimedes?

Right! Use r instead of z. For circles are smoother than squares. For answers are always found in a sphere of possibilities. For life turns around in endless cycle. You continue your calculations and your tears still go on and on. Regardless how dull you may look, you remain in your work, sketching the graph of the volume of tears in function of time. Disconnected, you don’t sense the presence of others anymore. Now, it’s just you and your function, the imaginary, the derivative, the complex, dr/dθ, and the table.

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Re: Awk-cal [Differential calculus]

on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:50 pm
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