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An Oxidized Love [nomenclature]

on Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:09 pm
An Oxidized Love
Hydrogen. Atomic number: 1. Atomic weight: 1,008. Group: none, because he didn’t have any neutron like everyone else. He was rejected, alone in his little corner. Oh! But he wasn’t the only one. On the other side, across the empty space, there was the number two, Helium. However, Helium’s case was different. He was appreciated, loved by the other. He was part of the noble gas. Some elements would die to be like him.

At least, there was his neighbor, Lithium. They didn’t get along quite well, but it was better than nothing. As part of the alkali metal, Lithium was very sociable, always try to find a partner that can take care of his unwanted electron. So one day, he married Fluorine and cut off contact with Hydrogen.

Well, Beryllium showed more compassion. “You’re so easy to be paired, why don’t you find yourself a partner? Unlike me who need to get rid of two electrons, you can simply give away or gain one.” True, life was easy for him. Many elements needed his presence to form certain molecules. Without him, the world wouldn’t have acid, base, or water.

Water. That was what he always wanted to be, the most valuable source of life, the universal solvent apparently in the entire universe. And Oxygen… Ah! – Oxygen! She was the most notable element he never met. No word could describe exactly how glorious she was.

“Oxygen?! I heard that she was dating with Carbon these days.” This news deeply shocked Hydrogen. Of course he knew that he lived far from her, but he didn’t realize how challenging it was. “Also, her narcissistic behavior hasn’t gone yet. But that is what Carbon likes about her. You know he prefer more to be carbon dioxide than carbon monoxide.” Water was dihydrogen monoxide, not dioxide. If Oxygen kept her narcissism, Hydrogen could never become water.

“How about hydrogen peroxide? You can be with your Oxygen then. Plus, if you find another hydrogen peroxide, make decomposition and you’ll become water.” Yes, that was good plan. But two problems still remained; how to deal with Carbon and how to double himself?

Hydrogen thanked Beryllium and went to see Chlorine, hoping that she could give him some tips. She, slightly similar to Oxygen, used to be dichloride sometime. However, her tips were unexpectedly unexpected.

“Oh, dear! So you’re alone, too! Come quickly to my lab, let’s make chlorane.” She was about to pull his shirt off.

“Didn’t you know that chlorane needs Oxygen?” He covered himself with his arms.

“Really?” She paused. “Who cares? I need one electron and you can give me one, isn’t that enough?”

Actually, he just didn’t want to make any bond with anyone except Oxygen.
He escaped from Chlorine, but rushed into Sulfur. He was on his way to see Chlorine, holding seventeen flowers and wearing a new lemon yellow suit, which were all damaged after the collision.

“Brat! You better pay for this!” Sulfur got on his feet and punched Hydrogen on the face.
Just then, Chlorine appeared, “stop!” She ran to Sulfur and tried to hold him still.

“What? You know this brat?” Sulfur asked with surprised and turn back to Hydrogen, “what did you do to her? Huh?”

Hydrogen stood there innocently, caressing his face.

Sulfur raised his voice, “did you come out from her house? I know you did something!”

“No, he didn’t,” Chlorine tried to explain, “We were only chatting about covalent bounds.”

“But honey, how can you be so careless? You promised me that we’ll make dichlorosulfane. How can you let a brat like him in your house?” Sulfur said it sweetly, but changed his tone back at the end.

He was about to reattact Hydrogen when a 2010 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Special Edition stopped in front of them. Carbon stepped out and took off his sunglasses, “what’s going on here?”

On the other side, the door opened and a girl wearing a bright red dress descended elegantly on her bloodily red slippers. Oxygen.

“Hydro? What happened?”

Hydrogen realized that he was still holding his face, which had begun to swell. “I-huh…”

“Oh, the poor man! My mademoiselle, do you know him?” Carbon quickly added.

“Yes, remember that I have told you about the young men that I met in the café with Fluorine before her wedding, one of them was him.”

Hydrogen couldn’t believe that Oxygen talked about him to her date.

“Ah! Yes, I see.” Carbon took his hand and shacked Hydrogen’s. “I am Carbon. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He turn to Sulfur and Chlorine, adding “and what are you two doing with my friend’s friend?”

“Well, we…? – were just chatting about covalent bounds! Ha ha ha… ” Shaking agitatedly, Sulfur didn’t know what he was saying. He and Chlorine ran away afterward.

As rumored, Carbon was highly respected by the others. For he who was fundamental of life, elements would see him as a divine.

“My new friend, it would be preferable for you to go to my place. Your injury needs to be check up. And besides, I can help you from seeing them again.”

It wasn’t a bad invitation, but would it be uncomfortable to be in front of them like an obstacle? So Hydrogen refused his kindness – until Oxygen began to insist.

Hydrogen stepped into the back seat, waiting for the engine to start. On the way, he listened them talking and laughing. He wondered how he would react if they would touch their hand or kiss their cheeks. But soon, the vehicle stopped in from of tall city apartment. Oxygen climbed off and waved them goodbye.

“Sorry that we have to stop here,” Carbon explained, “I had to drive her home first. I hope you didn’t mind.”

Hydrogen felt instantly relief. No more worries of what if this or what if that! It was going to be just the two of them – him and Carbon.

The car passed throughout the city and parked inside of a villa. They went inside of a large hallway and Carbon leaded Hydrogen to his salon. His butler, Radon, came to put on tea. The good thing about have Radon as a butler was that he would never want to steal electrons because of his stability, and that he could scare thieves away with his radioactivity.

After Radon came back with a first aid kit, Carbon disinfected Hydrogen’s injury and put on medicine, gently touching his face with his fingers. His skin was bright white and soft as air, like Oxygen’s.
The next day, Hydrogen woke up and found himself unexpectedly in methane. He was bounded with Carbon.

“Calm down!” Carbon felt a bit guilty for making Hydrogen going crazy. But he had a deal with Oxygen.

With patience, Carbon dragged Hydrogen down town and met Oxygen in her apartment. Hydrogen finally understood what was going on. They didn’t want to make carbon dioxide, they wanted to make carbohydrate. Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen – they were the fundamental material of life. Together, they can be sugar, acetic acid, alcohol, coenzymes ... All related to life.

Hydrogen was imposed to accept. Well, he could refuse, but he preferred more to be carbohydrate than methane. His dream of becoming water was still possible. It only needed some more oxygen and a higher temperature. After combustion, he may get rid of Carbon and become the form he desired – temporally, maybe. But he will make sure to stay with Oxygen, for eternity.

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Re: An Oxidized Love [nomenclature]

on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:32 pm
Could have develop more about what happen between H and C.
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